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    couldnt think of a title

    katieee! x
    katieee! x

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    couldnt think of a title Empty couldnt think of a title

    Post  katieee! x Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:14 pm

    Have I died and gone to hell? Everything is red like fire and blood. I try to stand up but I just fall back down again! All of a sudden I start to cough up blood, and my lunch from 12:30pm. I fumbled around in my bag, my phone was in there. I could ring an ambulance. But then it dawned on me what had actually happend, Symmie had crashed the car. We were heading for the Trafford Centre,when we took a wrong turning. Symmie kept jumping lanes and the other drivers were getting annoyed with her and were trying to get past. Then all a sudden Symmie lost control and we flipped over. I heard a loud crashing noise, it alomost burst my ear drum! It must have been the other car blowing up. NO! What about Yizzie and Lucee, who were also in the car with us. I could barley see inside my bag, my hands were covered in blood and i was finding it hard to see. All I could see on my hands was bloodm and some on the back of the drivers seat, so I must of hit my head with a lot of force!! Lucee was next to me, unconcious.
    "Oh my God! Luce?! Wake up! Wake up!!" I tried to scream but my voice went blunt. Also my lip was bleeding which made it more difficult to talk. Lucee slowly started to wake up.
    "Where are we? Are we there ... OHH MYY GODD!!! LILLY!! LILLY!! What has happened?!" she screamed, her shoulder was stuck to the seat and she couldnt move to look at me.
    "Listen, listen, LISTEN! LUCE!! Its ok, Im gonna call an ambulance and your gonna be fine!" I assured her, not actually knowing if we were going to get out alive. I wasnt sure whether Symmie was alright, I tried to lean over to the front and try to get a glance. But it was no good, my foot was jammed and I couldnt see past the seat. I could only just about see Yizzie sat diagonally infront of me, leant against her air bag. At least hers had worked! Suddenly i heard and ear busting shreik. It was Yizzie, she had woken up and realised what had happened.

    Next thing I knew I was at the hospital, being crowed by about 10 doctors, with all types of different equiptment. I was so scared I could hardly breath. All I wanted was to go home and see my family. And to know that I would be ok and come out of this alive. My mind began to play tricks on me, about whether I would have to have anything amputated. Or worse. Paralasism.

    p.s. yet again its not GOTHIC but oh well! x

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