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    Halloween gone wrong?


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    Halloween gone wrong? Empty Halloween gone wrong?

    Post  kayleigh1104 Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:01 pm

    HALLOWEEN - A time to scare people for fun, children dressing up as wicked witches or crazy pumpkins, carring bags of sweets that people had gave them. Coming home and saying what a fantastic time they had!
    But this Halloween was different it was quite, no people were out or decorations hung up to show that they cared. The spirit of Halloween had gone. Mums and Dads sat at home watching telly and eating there dinner but the children wern't there. The day before halloween all te children had gone, there possetions, cute pink bunny rabbits with one eye that had come out, the cosy quilts that they once slept in also gone.There was no trace. But only in one place where adults couldnt go intill the ending of there life whether they would make it to heaven... or HELL.
    They were in hell. It was dark apart from the flickery firey flames that occasionaly came up from the rock solid floor. The heat was unbearable and the walls were red. Blood red. As you walked across the room and into the corrider you saw a golden plaque saying 'THE DEVIL ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK'
    Beyond the door children were crying and shouting the voices till they were ready to burst for there parents. If you walked into the room , the first thing you see is a black leather chair with dark red fabric along the middle. The Devil was proudly sitting on the chair he was a human but with huge horns that a Ram would have. But he had Minotaur legs. Behind the Devil there was a oak door which was chared from the fire.Inside were the children, they were being wipped and punished by Mananangals.These foul creatures wer the worst you could find other then the devil himself. They looked like older women with thick dirty white hair and had leather wings. They sucked the life out of the children when they were sleeping. But why were they getting there life sucked out, what had they done to get punished this bad Question

    By Kayleigh Spiller
    Mr Posthills Class

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