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    Class story! (Written by the class, not class itself)


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    Class story! (Written by the class, not class itself) Empty Class story! (Written by the class, not class itself)

    Post  Mr_Moran Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:53 pm

    The vast expanse of desert sweated under the beating sun. Jaded from the long walk to the bus stop Alf took out a bottle of water just to find out that there was an unknown life-form in the water.

    The bottle began to shake and grew hotter and hotter. Then, out of the distance appeared Maurice Figgis with his pet acorn, Sydney. Sydney saw the unknown life-form and had a spasm. Alf then looked curiously at Sydney. Unexpectedly, the bottle burst open and all around we could hear a chorus of screams.

    Then, Alf screamed and asked Maurice Figgis, did he know what the life-form was and Maurice Figgis replied, “It is a young bearded dragon."

    Suddenly, from Maurice’s chest there erupted a volcano of acorns. The acorns, upon closer inspection (by a GP) were thought to be made of something resembling copper. Then Alf said “we could make some buildings with the copper.” Instantly a palace made of copper materialised before their eyes.

    In shock, after this crazy arrival Sydney had a series of spasms. (Oh God.) and went into an unconscious state. Maurice Figgis did not want his other acorns to be turned into buildings. Maurice tripped over and dropped Sydney and squashed him. Maurice stared horrified at the lifeless wreck, squished on the floor. Then suddenly Sydney woke up and they all saw a very bright light and couldn’t see him anymore. When the light was gone, he was…a PERSON called Frank Prenderghast.


    Mr M.

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