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    Dark story of the North

    Evyyy! Xxx
    Evyyy! Xxx

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    Dark story of the North Empty Dark story of the North

    Post  Evyyy! Xxx Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:01 am

    North, Dark and Cold, but not as Dark and Cold, as the story I am about to tell.
    It all began in the year 1893. At the time I was but a child of 7, but i stll remember that night as if it were yesterday.
    As you may have deduced I am over 100 years old, although you would not think so.
    Look carefully at my face, NO, really carefully. What can you see? Nothing? No, of course you wouldn't, your merely human. Do you not see the pain, the suffering, the hurt? No. Well let me lift the veil, in more ways than one.
    Now do you see my difference, look at my eye, my left eye.
    Once upon a time I had blue eyes, beautiful bright blue eyes, until i was seven. Look nnow. The right eye, grey, the sign of the wolf. The left eye, white, just a black stripe. That's the sign of Hell!
    I was born in the snow, the deep snow of the frozen North. My name is Ekaterina Yelisabeth Novgorodski. My father was Petr, my mother Marta. I come from a small village, no longer there anymore, nor are my parents. You may call me Katya.
    As I said, I was seven when this all happened. I remember it clearly. Life was normal back then, bright sun, Happy days, loving family. Until that night, that terrible, frightening, horrible night.
    I'd gone to bed as normal, in my own lovely warm bed. It was dark, late in the winter. My sleep cam easily that night, but it was the last time I would ever sleep like that, or ever sleep at all.
    But this was the night all Hell Broke loose. I woke to flames, bright white flames, dirty black smoke and terrible, terrible screaming. I could hear the screaming, tearing my eardrums apart, until I realised it was me screaming.
    I was in pain, vivid, burning, ice cold pain. One my right a great, grey, wolf biting on my arm. On my left, at the time I did not know what it was, a monster biting, chewing on my left arm. All around my village was aflame, my family and friends all dead or dying. Monstrous shapes moved amongst the firelight, great wolves helping the scen from Hell.
    At the sight of each other my attackers, turned on themselves, giving me a respite from their pain. \they fought over my body, seein who would be the one to devour me. As it happened they both managed to kill the other, but I was not to know.
    The poison from both wounds was now racing through my bloodstream, fighting each other, mutating, turning me, into what I am now, a hybrid, a mutant, a wolf demon, a HellHound.
    Put your hand on my chest, do you fell my heartbeat? No, keep your hand there, you will feel it, there, now wait, again. See how slowly my heart beats. With a pulse that slow, I can live forever. But I don't want to. I have had enough, life pales when you have no one and nothing to live for. But I cannot die, I can't be killed.
    My life has been dark and dismal since that night, I know not what to do. Deatha dn destruction follow me, precede me, surround me. Wherever I go chaos reigns. I spend most of my time now in the frozen North where no-one goes. That way I cannot be responsible for whatever happens. No harm can befall anyone while I'm there.
    Sorry, I've been around you to long now. Look in the mirror, Look at your face. I'm really, really sorry. it's the effect I have on people, animals or any living thing. How do you feel, weak?, tired?. Again I'm sorry.
    You see what happens. I can't help it. I drain your physical being. Your life force, your energy.
    But what is happening to you is nothing. You are getting off lightly, you win, go peacefully. But not before you hear the real damage I can do. Sheer, vicious horror, that's the real me.
    Villages, towns, farms. People, animals. All feed my power, my want, my need. I am feeding, causing mayhem, causing tragedy. Around me it is burning, Noise, Chaos.
    No survivers, No tales to tell. I am destruction, I am death.
    I am a problem that cannot be solved. Look, while you still can, see beyond. Do you really want to live in a world, where there is a monster like me. To make it worse, I am but one of many, many, monsteres. Slowly we will overcome this place, this earth. Many of these monsters are not as bad as I am, but there are many, many more, who are worse. We are the end of the world, We are Armageddon. Go now peacefully, before the world collapses. Go quickly, my tale is told. I must move on and feed again. Go, your time is over. Go
    Mrs P
    Mrs P

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    Dark story of the North Empty very impressive

    Post  Mrs P Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:12 pm

    I am seriously impressed Evy! This is an extremely mature and talented piece of writing. Fantasic vocabulary used. Genuinely creepy. Wonderful stuff.

    Mre Posthill.

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